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about us
Thank you for interest in Space Potential.
In case you were wondering, we have nothing to do with spacecrafts, aliens, or achieving zero gravity. Nor do we build rocket ships (although that would be pretty cool). So then, who are we?
Space Potential is a premier design company that specializes in trade shows. We believe that design matters. With hundreds of exhibits at a trade show, it is important for yours to stand out and be noticed. A unique exhibit attracts more attendees, which results in more contacts and better sales opportunities.
What we do
We are a full service trade show company. Planning a show is often a long and involved process. Space Potential is here to make it easy for you. We take care of it all. Not only do we design and build your exhibit, we also organize and manage the show process. The services Space Potential provide range from graphic design to form submittal to logistics to installing and dismantling the exhibit(s).
Our goal is for your company to have the best show possible with the least stress possible. Space Potential's expertise is making that happen.
Wherever you go
Whether your show is domestic or international, Space Potential is able to help. Through our wide network of professional contacts, we have established proven resources in many parts of the world to ensure that companies receive the assistance they need.
Space Potential works with a wide diversity of industry specialists on a global basis. We utilize the knowledge gained from all of our vendors to customize a display that's perfectly suited to your needs and the show. When you hire Space Potential, you hire a vast portfolio of creativity.
Our process
We start by understanding your needs and what you want to accomplish. Through a creative and collaborative process, we develop a concept that best suits your requirements.
Our goal is to make this process smooth and effective, and to provide you with results that exceed your expectations.